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Over the past three decades, customer-permissioned data flows have become critical to a growing range of consumer financial products and services as well as to public research focusing on household financial health, markets for consumer financial products and services, and the role of consumer financial activity in the nation’s economy.
This survey delves into challenges of federated machine learning beyond potential security issues that could affect adoption in industries like financial services. For example, the authors consider how asymmetric data and communications systems might make building networks between heterogenous institutions difficult and increase the costs related to uploading and downloading models or portions of models. These considerations may be especially important in underserved and emerging markets.
By Tian Li
A recent KPMG survey of senior executives reports that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate of AI adoption across a variety of industries, including a 37% increase across various financial services uses. However, many business leaders expressed concern about this acceleration and the overall speed of adoption and welcome new guidance and regulation to foster responsible use of AI.