Our research priorities are informed through engagement with policymakers and with input from industry, academia, and advocate groups.  Through our empirical work, market monitoring, and convening activities, we produce timely reports that provide fact-based insights and legal and policy analysis to inform the financial sector.

AI in Financial Services

AI and machine learning are transforming financial services, from underwriting loans and trading securities to customizing products and answering customer questions. These advanced modeling techniques may enhance the accuracy and speed of models used to identify potential customers and assess their risks, expand access to underserved populations, and reduce losses and other costs. But they also carry significant risks—of enhancing bias, eroding data privacy, and obscuring oversight of model’s behavior. FinRegLab’s research is focused on informing both market practice and policy to promote fair, responsive, and inclusive use of AI and machine learning systems across financial services.

Alternative Data in Credit Underwriting

Millions of consumers and small businesses struggle to access affordable credit because of gaps and weaknesses in traditional financial information systems. FinRegLab is investigating non-traditional data sources to evaluate their effects on predictiveness, fairness, and inclusion, with a particular focus on additional sources of financial data that can be used for credit underwriting.

Building inclusive recoveries

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how households’ and small businesses’ ability to rebound from financial shocks affects not only their own future financial health, but the nation’s broader racial wealth gaps and economic resiliency. FinRegLab is investigating the use of data and technology innovations and other strategies to promote faster, more inclusive recoveries.

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