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Our Process and the FinRegLab Model

FinRegLab approaches our work through collective engagement and empirical facts using the FinRegLab model. We share updates and findings with financial services executives and policymakers at multiple stages to ensure that our research and engagement prioritizes high-value topics and is disseminated to key audiences in a timely way. We also elevate the public dialogue by organizing symposiums and convenings and sharing our work with the community at large.

Ground-breaking empirical research

We leverage our technical capacity and legal acumen to undertake experiments that produce actionable insights for industry stakeholders, advocates, and policymakers. For the financial sector and innovators, we serve as trusted intermediaries to explore and evaluate specific applications of technology and data and to consider implications for markets and public policy.

Cross-sector market intelligence

Building on our relationships with both fintechs and traditional financial institutions across different parts of the industry, we compile market intelligence and emerging trends in data, technology, and financial services. This intelligence is critical to identifying best practices and spotting emerging policy issues.

Dialogue with diverse stakeholders

In addition to working with industry, academics, and advocates through standing advisory bodies and working groups, we invite regulators to participate as observers and engage with us through bilateral conversations. This structure provides a safe space for participants to surface and share perspectives about critical market, policy, and ethical questions.

Our Research

Our research priorities are informed through engagement with policymakers and with input from industry, academia, and advocate groups. Through our empirical work, market monitoring, and convening activities, we produce timely reports that provide fact-based insights and legal and policy analysis to inform the financial sector.

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Our Core Values

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Our Fundraising Perspective

FinRegLab’s principles help to guide our research projects and fundraising efforts and demonstrate how we maintain our integrity.

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Our Team

A dedicated team of experienced and emerging leaders who oversee daily operations to accomplish our mission and carry out our processes. Meet our staff, Board members and advisors.

Melissa Koide

CEO & Director

Kelly Thompson Cochran

Deputy Director and Chief Program Officer

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About FinregLab

FinRegLab is an independent, nonprofit organization that conducts research and experiments with new technologies and data to drive the financial sector toward a responsible and inclusive marketplace. The organization also facilitates discourse across the financial ecosystem to inform public policy and market practices. To receive periodic updates on the latest research, subscribe to FRL’s newsletter and visit www.finreglab.org. Follow FinRegLab on LinkedIn and Twitter (X).

FinRegLab.org | 1701 K Street Northwest, Suite 1150, Washington, DC 20006