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The CFPB recently released potential options for regulating automated valuation models for home appraisals. Under Dodd-Frank, the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) was amended to include requirements that automated valuation models meet certain quality control standards. The proposed rules are intended to implement these standards and ensure that automated valuation models do not reflect existing biases in appraisal processes among other things. The rulemaking options outlined by the CFPB are now being examined to determine their potential impact on small businesses as a part of a required review process.
FinRegLab’s forthcoming research will help to inform the extent to which current laws and regulations are able to be satisfied in light of the emergence of more complex underwriting models, how well tools to develop and monitor those models perform in identifying effective ways to pursue greater inclusion and fairness, and considerations for policy and market developments that can support the safe, inclusive, and nondiscriminatory adoption of machine learning.
The CFPB issued a blog post noting the potential inclusion benefits of using AI and machine learning models for credit underwriting, as well as risks and compliance challenges with respect to the delivery of “adverse action” disclosures. The agency emphasized the “built-in flexibility” in the regulatory framework and recognized emerging work by lenders and technology companies to enhance the explainability of AI underwriting models.
The CFPB issued a no-action letter template to the Bank Policy Institute recognizing terms for a standardized, small-dollar credit product, including those designed to function as “guardrails.” The template is intended to ease approval of plans by individual regulated entities to offer a product based on these standardized terms, subject to submission and approval of further information specific to each lender. Underwriting based on the applicant’s cash-flow data is specified among the essential terms set forth for the standardized product.