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“Melissa discusses her organization’s work in evaluating the explainability of complex machine learning algorithms in credit underwriting, model governance and adverse action notices. The conversation covers the CFPB’s recent guidance on credit denial by lenders using artificial intelligence as well as the role explainability plays in promoting fairness and inclusion in lending, methods and tools emerging for lenders to explain credit-related decisions based on AI models, and the ongoing work required to adapt to the digital economy and evolving regulatory landscape.”
Consumer Reports released a video series exploring biases in machine learning algorithms and data sets and the resulting unfair practices faced by communities of color. The series is designed to educate consumers on the risks hidden in seemingly “neutral” technologies. FinRegLab CEO Melissa Koide is featured in the Mortgage Lending episode of the series.
America’s credit system is under serious pressure as it faces the most sudden and severe downturn since the Great Depression. Our CEO Melissa Koide and former President and CEO of FICO Larry Rosenberger released an op-ed titled “Data needs to be wider-sourced and more inclusive” discussing using more financial data for lending, enhancing public policy guidance, and financial exclusion and the COVID-19 effect.