COVID-19 Triage (Series)


The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a flurry of initiatives by both government and financial services stakeholders to adapt their operations and provide meaningful relief to households and small businesses in the face of the nation’s most severe economic shock since the Great Depression.

As firms changed their credit reporting and underwriting practices and struggled to process thousands of small businesses’ Paycheck Protection Program applications, FinRegLab produced a series of research briefs in 2020 highlighting emerging issues and innovations.

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  • Data diversification in Credit Underwriting

    This update catalogues recent initiatives involving the use of non-traditional credit data, including cash-flow information. It considers how dramatic shifts in economic conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and mass movements for racial justice have increased incentives to adopt new data sources and models, but also created new market and policy challenges.

  • Covid-19 Credit Reporting & Scoring Update

    Concerns about credit reporting and scoring issues are growing as early relief programs start to expire and the focus shifts from short-term forbearance to long-term repayment. This Research Brief updates market and regulatory developments as well as ongoing policy debates.

  • Technology Solutions for PPP and Beyond

    This Research Brief catalogues uses of new data and technologies to make it easier for small businesses to access federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds and other forms of credit. Solving PPP enrollment challenges is important to laying the foundation for a rapid and inclusive recovery and to building a more resilient small business sector…

  • Disaster-Related Credit Reporting Options

    This Research Brief analyzes the current options under consideration for addressing concerns that declining credit scores could make it harder for consumers and small businesses to access the credit they need to ride out and rebuild from the pandemic, as well as providing related historical and market context.


  • Developing the Credit System for Greater Fairness and Inclusion

    The credit system plays a foundational role in helping millions of families and small business owners build better lives for themselves, strengthening local communities and the national economy in the process. Yet millions of individuals and small businesses struggle to access the credit system because of weaknesses and gaps in the type of data traditionally…

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