About Us

Our Mission and Vision

[1] For financial services specifically, we use the following definitions. 

Inclusive:  Defined broadly as practicable access to (1) useful, affordable financial services that meet customers’ needs and are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way; and (2) meaningful market opportunities to participate as employees, consumers, entrepreneurs, community members, and leaders. (See World Bank, IFC) It includes notions of financial health and stability. 

Fair:  At a minimum includes similar treatment for similarly situated parties and freedom from discriminatory, arbitrary, dishonest, or exploitative conduct.

Equitable: Addresses historical disparities that cause parties not to be similarly situated and systemic barriers to practicable access and participation.

Our Core Values



FinRegLab seeks to find actionable solutions that will produce meaningful and scalable impacts for inclusion, fairness, and equity. We look to the future and think creatively, pragmatically, and flexibly to produce constructive work products and decisions, even in the face of imperfect information and uncertainty.


The integrity and independence of our work is core to our credibility and the value of FinRegLab as a research organization. While we welcome and actively seek input and feedback from all relevant stakeholders, FinRegLab has the final word on our research, working groups, events, and editorial content.


We foster transparency by disclosing information about our data, methods, and findings with sufficient detail to permit others to understand and scrutinize our results. We are transparent about internal policies and procedures to promote understanding and buy-in. We encourage inquiries about our research methods and practices and endeavor to answer requests for information promptly.


Consistent with our programmatic focus on financial inclusion, we strive to build connections, communities, and a culture that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, both externally and internally, through sustained engagement with stakeholders and employees. We seek to understand, respect, and foster meaningful interactions and relationships among people with different viewpoints, backgrounds, and contributions to share knowledge among diverse audiences and to facilitate progress toward common goals.


We approach situations and problems with curiosity and humility in order to promote a cycle of continuous learning. We work to identify our assumptions and biases, gather diverse and rigorous input, provide clear-eyed assessments and feedback, and improve our understanding, processes, and work products on an ongoing basis.

About FinregLab

FinRegLab is an independent, nonprofit organization that conducts research and experiments with new technologies and data to drive the financial sector toward a responsible and inclusive marketplace. The organization also facilitates discourse across the financial ecosystem to inform public policy and market practices. To receive periodic updates on the latest research, subscribe to FRL’s newsletter and visit www.finreglab.org. Follow FinRegLab on LinkedIn and Twitter (X).

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